04/01/15 Grif.Net – Write Where I’m Supposed to Be

04/01/15 Grif.Net – Write Where I’m Supposed to Be

[Every month we try to start out with foolishness. April 1st is like
Christmas and birthday rolled into one for me with exponential fun!]

Einstein developed a serious theory about the cosmos, and I think it was
about time, too.

If we got rid of all the margarine, would the world be a butter place?

My theory on inertia has no momentum.

His bald spot just appeared out of thin hair.

Ancient orators in the Middle East tended to Babylon.

Dishonest golfers don’t play the fairway.

1. What cereal contains rainbows, horseshoes, hearts and clovers? LUCKY

2. What character puts the two scoops of raisins in each box of raisin bran?

3. Who was the first female to appear on a Wheaties box? MARY LOU RETTON

4. Which of the Rice Krispies brothers is oldest? Bonus: How many years
older than his brothers? SNAP is 8 years older than Crackle and Pop, first
debuted in 1933; other two in 1941

5. What cereal maker was founded in 1866 as the Washburn-Crosby Company?

6. What was the first ready-to-eat breakfast cereal? SHREDDED WHEAT

7. In 1877 this company designed the figure of a man and registered it as
trademark for their breakfast cereal. Can you name the company? QUAKER OAT

8. What breakfast cereal challenges you to “pinch an inch”? KELLOGG’S

9. The Fruit-Loops mascot Toucan Sam eventually spoke English in
commercials. What language did he originally speak? TOUCANESE or as we know

10. What is the best selling cold breakfast cereal of all time? CHEERIOS

Bonus: Battle Creek, Michigan is headquarters to what three breakfast food
companies? And what nickname has this earned? KELLOGG, POST and RALSTON.
Known now as “CEREAL CITY”

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”