03/20/15 Grif.Net – Flying Safe

03/20/15 Grif.Net – Flying Safe

I met a older lady who told me she was scared of flying on a airplane. I
asked her what she was scared of? She told me she was terrified there might
be a Moslem suicide bomber on the plane.

As a former college professor I tried to allay her fear with logic. “The
chance of a bomb on a airplane is about one in every million flights.” That
seemed to settle her mind for a minute.

She then asked, “What are the chances of there being TWO bombs aboard the
same flight?”

I don’t know, but extremely rare (never heard of it, even), so I told her
with a smile, “Probably one in a billion flights!”

She smiled back and contentedly said, “OK. On my next trip all I have to do
is make sure that I bring a bomb along to help the odds!”

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”