03/09/15 Grif.Net – How I Know It Is Daylight Saving Time

03/09/15 Grif.Net – How I Know It Is Daylight Saving Time

I know it is Daylight Saving Time because . . .

I’m so sleepy that I can’t get up and then jump out of bed thinking I’ve

I stagger to the bathroom and fall over the dog that is still sound asleep.

The timer on my coffee pot isn’t set right, and there is no coffee.

I try to fix the clock on the microwave and set the timer instead. And
wonder why a microwave needs a clock anyhow?

I decide this is really all a secret plot by “morning people” to get us
“night people” out of bed earlier.

The clock in my car has the correct time for the first time since last

I feel exhausted (and will for weeks) even though I missed only one hour’s

I have an extra hour of light in the evening – just enough time to mow the
lawn (in 2-3 months when the snow melts).

I decide to reset the time on “singing bird clock”. It starts singing and
won’t shut up until I removed the batteries.

It’s dinner time according to the clock, but I’m not hungry yet.

I went to bed at my regular time Saturday night, but since I wasn’t sleepy
yet, I tossed and turned an extra hour.

I wonder where all the energy is that we are conserving because I sure could
use some of it.

I consider moving to Arizona where they don’t participate in this nonsense.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”