05/06/14 Grif.Net – What’s in a Name?

05/06/14 Grif.Net – What’s in a Name?

[Quiz: I give the PROFESSION and you guess the child’s NAME]

EXAMPLE: Lawyer’s daughter = SUE

Thief’s son
Lawyer’s son
Doctor ‘s son
Meteorologist’s daughter
Steam shovel operator’s son
Hair stylist’s son
Homeopathic doctor’s son
Justice of the peace’s daughter
Sound stage technician’s son
Hot-dog vendor’s son
Gambler’s daughter
Exercise guru’s son
Cattle thief’s son
Painter’s son
Iron worker’s son
TV show star’s daughter
Movie star’s son
Barber’s son
Housewife’s son
Minister’s daughter
Day-trader’s daughter
Televangelist’s daughter
Geneticist’s son
Espresso vendor’s son
Undertaker’s son
Beautician’s son
Gardener’s son
Florist’s daughter
Baker’s daughter
Manicurist’s son
Athlete’s son
Lumberjack’s son
Plumber’s son
Accountant’s daughter
Musician’s daughter
Jeweler’s daughter
Proctologist’s daughter

Answers in a couple of days

Dr Bob Griffin
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