11/20/13 Grif.Net – Christmas Cookie ‘Firsts’

11/20/13 Grif.Net – Christmas Cookie ‘Firsts’

Here is a quick quiz on COOKIES since my house is smelling like a bakery as
we prepare for the upcoming holidays. Give the decade (close enough) when
these cookie-related events occurred.

_____ 1. First American cookbook to include “Christmas Cookey” recipe

_____ 2. First cookie cutters crafted by tinsmiths

_____ 3. First Girl Scout cookies sold to raise funds

_____ 4. First cookie molds/stamps to imprint image in cookie

_____ 5. First fortune cookie with secret message inside

_____ 6. First ‘Famous Amos’ franchise opened

_____ 7. First Oreo cookie sold in Hoboken

_____ 8. First Toll House cookie with semi-sweet chocolate

_____ 9. First US Cookie Jar (from British Biscuit Jar)

_____10. First edible Christmas ornaments (Animal Cracker cookies)

answers tomorrow unless I’m busy eating home-made – you guessed it – cookies

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”