07/28/12 Weekend Grif.Net Blog – Words for Future Olympians

07/28/12 Weekend Grif.Net Blog – Words for Future Olympians

[Dr. Robyn Silverman wrote a wonderful way to use the Olympics as a
conversation starter to talk with our children, teaching them about life and
character. All credit to her for these important thoughts.]

These Olympians aren’t just everyday role models; they show what character
looks like when it’s put into action. They show our children courage, an
indomitable spirit and discipline. Here are some “starter words” you may
employ in everyday chatting about the London Games (and whatever sport your
family is interested in):

1. PERSEVERANCE: How did [insert athlete’s name] show perseverance in
competition today? How can you show perseverance when you’re participating
in your favorite activity?

2. DISCIPLINE: What kind of discipline do you think it takes to become a
member of an Olympic team? Where do you show discipline in your life?

3. RESPONSIBILITY: What do you think are the responsibilities of an Olympic
hopeful? What are some responsibilities that you must take on when you want
to achieve your best?

4. DETERMINATION: Why do you think being determined is so important on our
quest to reach our goals? What do you think [insert favorite athlete] had to
do to stay determined throughout the last 4 years? When have you felt
determined? Which goals have you achieved by using your determination?

5. INDIMITABLE SPIRIT: Who do you think showed indomitable spirit during
these Olympic Games? Which athletes kept going with all their effort when
they weren’t “the favorite” or even when they were behind? How did that
indomitable spirit pay off? When have you showed indomitable spirit in the
face of challenge?

6. RESPECT: Why is it important for the Olympians to show respect to their
competitors? How do you see the Olympians showing respect for themselves and
their fellow athletes? How do they show that they are respectful, good
sports when they are in front of the judges and the fans? How do you show
respect to others each day?

7. COURAGE: When do you think these athletes really needed to use their
courage? How do you think these athletes developed the courage to compete on
the highest level? How do you think they stayed courageous even when they
failed or fell? When do you show that kind of courage and how can you show
even more?

The Olympics can be a great stepping stone to talk about your family’s
values and well as what it takes to be the best in any area of interest. The
next two weeks will be a great time to talk about some amazing athletes and
how your children can integrate what they see on their quest to become
Olympians in life.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”