11/11/11 Grif.Net – Events this Week in History

11/11/11 Grif.Net – Events this Week in History

Lots of interesting odds and ends came across my desk the past five days and
caused me to note all the events in recent history. Will give you the hard
parts, the EVENT and DATE – but can you figure out the YEAR? On some,
getting the correct decade would be considered really good!

Example: Nov 11 ____ Armistice to end the Great War = 1918

Nov 6 _____ First intercollegiate football game, New Brunswick, NJ

Nov 7 _____ Billy Graham’s birth date

Nov 7 _____ Tecumseh defeated at Tippecanoe

Nov 7 _____ Bolshevik ‘October’ Revolution

Nov 7 _____ FDR elected for 4th term as US President

Nov 8 _____ JFK elected President

Nov 8 _____ Beer Hall Putsch

Nov 9 _____ Kristallnacht

Nov 9 _____ Fall of the Berlin Wall

Nov 10 ____ SS Edmund Fitzgerald sunk on Lake Superior

Nov 10 ____ “Mr Livingstone, I presume?”

Nov 10 ____ Founding of US Marine Corps

Nov 10 ____ Debut of Sesame Street

[answers on Monday]

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!”