04/13/09 Grif.Net – MORE I Met a Man

04/13/09 Grif.Net – MORE I Met a Man

[Grif.Net readers have submitted more “I met a man . . . ” humor. Don’t
blame me.]

I met a man who needed to lose weight so he went to the hardware store to
buy a gallon of thinner.

I met a monkey who backed into a fan and cut off part of his tail. The
monkey said, “It won’t be long now.”

I met a farmer who was thought to be outstanding in his field.

I met a man with multiple personalities. The man said, “I thought I had a
problem, but we got over it.”

I met a Finn who joined a local rock and roll group to lose weight since his
doctor had suggested a Lap Band.

I met the relatives of the man who invented the Tazer gun at his funeral.
His unexpected death left the family stunned.

I met a man who was afraid he was getting amnesia, but his doctor kept
saying, “Ah, just forget it.”

I met Lady Godiva and asked why she was never arrested for her antics. She
replied, “They never could pin anything on me.”

I met a man who was extremely tired from his medicines. The doctor told him
to take the pills two nights running and skip the third night.

Dr Bob Griffin
“Jesus knows me, this I love”