03/18/08 Grif.Net – Problem

03/18/08 Grif.Net – Problem

A small town was having a problem. Squirrels had invaded four churches in
the town. Each church tried different ways to get rid of them.

The Baptists decided to wait until the squirrels wandered into the baptistry
and then they would close the lid and trap them. But the squirrels were too
fast for them and they ran away only to return the next day.

The Methodists decided that they could not do anything to harm God’s
creatures and so they did nothing. Squirrels overran them.

The Presbyterians decided they would catch the squirrels and take them out
into the country and release them, which they did. However, a few days later
the squirrels found their way back.

The Catholics took a different approach. The baptized the squirrels and made
them members of the congregation. Now they only see them on Christmas and

Dr Bob Griffin,
“Jesus knows me, this I love”