01/18/08 Grif.Net – View from a Cruise Ship

01/18/08 Grif.Net – View from a Cruise Ship

On our last cruise in the Pacific as we passed a small island, everyone
could see a bearded man on the beach. While too far to hear, we could see
he was shouting and desperately waving his hands.

After we all waved at the fellow, one of the passengers asked the captain,
“Who is that man?”

He replied, “I’ve no idea what his name is. Every year when we pass this
island, he is out there going nuts, so we get by as quickly as possible.”


ANSWER to the ‘simple’ quiz yesterday

The correct answer was 10,990 (or 10,992 if you assume a bus driver, but not
mentioned in the problem).

7 girls x 7 bags = 49 bags
49 bags x 7 big cats each = 343 big cats
343 big cats x 7 kittens = 2401 kittens
343 big cats x 4 legs each = 1372 big cat legs
2401 kittens x 4 legs = 9604 kitten legs
7 girls x 2 legs = 14 kids legs
Total legs = 10,990

HONOR ROLL 10,990 = Phil B, Rob O, Tamera E, Jay J, Nancy, Gina T, Joe K,
Juli L, Dave M, Joel B, Fido, Lili H, Donna M, Luke I, Phyllis B, Bruce B

“Others” – Buzz. Wrong, but thank you for playing. Don 1582, Vicki M 210,
David A 84, Gram 343, Rocky M 1582, , Greg K 1388, Charles J 0, Esther H
9620, Michael K 1582, Robert M 2415, Bonnie T 229, Sick 575, Sue 240, Betty
Jo 1372, Roxie F 72, Bev W 14, Bernard T 42, Corey P 9618, Jenifer Y 238, LB
259, Pat B 1000, Rich B 238, Eugene H 0, Brian J 11144, Edgar O 9618, Josh D
0, Robert B 9648, Wayne R 9618, Allan H 0, Jack R 0, Harold M 232, Gary G
2401, Pat S 0, Frederick S 70, Christy I 11382, B Bam 77, Don C 9618, Brian
M posed an addition question of ‘How many seats on the bus’, since they have
legs too.

(I said “There is a bus with seven girls . . .” Those with “0” assumed the
kids were WITH the bus not in it, etc, and this was some trick question. But
simple English skill was not the test! I just think they were having
trouble with the math!!!)

If you think you “know” who a person is from the names above, remember the goes out to more than 5000 of my closest friends every day. These
names are from around the globe and probably not from your
neck-of-the-woods. Or maybe . .

Dr Bob Griffin,
1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given