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The “Grif.Net” daily email is sent to 5000+ of my closest friends since 1996.  While teaching at  Pillsbury Baptist College, Owatonna, Minnesota I noticed students that would run to check their email at school hoping for contact from home or elsewhere only to find SPAM in their inbox.  I decided to do something about it.  In 1996 I created a list of 1000 original recipients and mass emailed them.  Since then and with the continuing wonders of the Internet the Grif.Net has spread out to reach at times a list of over 10,000 individuals with a daily dose of clean humor. 

The weekend “Grif.Net” takes a little more serious tone and is often meant to challenge or inspire readers.  By forwarding the you will help us spread the word.  Tell people to sign up today and get their own copy of the or follow Grifnet on Twitter or Facebook

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  1. Jim Lindy

    Dr. Bob, been getting your terrific e-mail messages for a number of years and I love them!! HOWEVER, just a few weeks ago, “stuff” stopped!!! Tried to, once again, register, but to no avail. Is this problem fixable???

    Thank you. LORD bless you, Brother!!


  2. Jim Lindy

    Dr Bob, been receiving your Grif.Net e-mails for many years and just recently the whole deal just stopped coming. Is this a problem that is fixable? Sure hope so! Thank you! LORD bless you, Brother!


  3. Paul Norman

    HI Dr. Bob,

    I really appreciated your posting over on – thank you.

    I’m not a Baptist, so can’t join and post there, but wanted to add please, that over many years my associates and I have encountered another additional deeper class of KJVO which would fit perhaps at number #6:

    #6 These KJVO folk hold that the KJV is so absolutely ‘perfect’, and most fully, the word of God, that it implies that the KJV itself IS the Word of God, so much so that they do mind game ‘logic equations’ on John chapter 1, using the phrase: Word of God, and make the KJV itself out to be in that John 1 mix of describing the Divinity and idnetity of our Lord Jesus Christ..
    Almost to the point that instead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, they hold in essence for all real purposes – to Father, Son, and Holy Scripture.
    Strangely often erroneously developing a belief out of this, that God can do no miracles or healing today at all – and so everything else must be of the Devil – as the ‘perfect’ KJV Word of God has come, so the working of the Holy Spirit must have past away (misapplying 1 Corinthians 13:10 making out that the KJV is the Perfect spoken of there).
    You often can not quite nail their argument on the worst points of this – all you sometimes get is a strange smile when you confront them with the bald meaning of what they are deeply wanting you to take from it all. – It all raises the question: can the Bible, under wrong perceptions, actually risk being an idol to those who look at in a wrong way – an object of misdirected veneration, instead of being used to truly point us to the only One worthy of our worship in God’s Spirit and in Truth?

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