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The “Grif.Net” daily email is sent to 5000+ of my closest friends since 1996.  While teaching at  Pillsbury Baptist College, Owatonna, Minnesota I noticed students that would run to check their email at school hoping for contact from home or elsewhere only to find SPAM in their inbox.  I decided to do something about it.  In 1996 I created a list of 1000 original recipients and mass emailed them.  Since then and with the continuing wonders of the Internet the Grif.Net has spread out to reach at times a list of over 10,000 individuals with a daily dose of clean humor. 

The weekend “Grif.Net” takes a little more serious tone and is often meant to challenge or inspire readers.  By forwarding the you will help us spread the word.  Tell people to sign up today and get their own copy of the or follow Grifnet on Twitter or Facebook

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  1. James Stankiewicz

    Recently I found out a freind of mine was introduced into the RB Thieme cult a year ago and is now heavily indoctrinated. Never heard of this before until a couple days ago. It took me 10.2 seconds to realize it was a demonic cult after reading on line doctrines of the Blood of Jesus Christ and Spiritual death. If you have materials of organized quotes from this wack job I would like them if you could send them. Last two days I have read blogs on the subject and different pages. I categorize this as a subtle cult very devious filled with sound doctrine but then overlined with demonic doctrines. Jesus did not die Spiritually. A common theme of all cults is to always try to take the diety and glory away from Jesus Christ. God is Spirit and must be worshipped in Spirit and in truth. I assure anyone invovled in this cult God never died a Spiritual death. Then there is exclusivity “we are the only ones who got it right” The cults will always attack translations. I heard a few warning words come out of my freinds mouth a few months ago talking about the humanity of Jesus Christ. In my years of experience when ever you hear the humanity of Jesus Christ there usually is a cult nearby. Then I heard we are here to solve the spritual conflict between God and the Devil., I corrected him that God does not need us to solve anything and Jesus Christ was made with the supremacy over all things. I was thinking he just stumbled onto some poor teaching but I did not know now he is in full blown stronghold and cultic brainwashing with these demonic doctrines? Then I read people who I acutally liked to listen to at times, Hal Lindsey and Chuck Swindoll endorse or endorsed this cult? I sent an email to Hal Lindsey to clarify his position today. See what he says.

  2. Don Jaxkson

    Dr. Bob: Will you please cite some examples of your opinion that The Berean Bible is a hyperdispenational cult? Have you visited their website and actually read any of Pastor O’Hair’s articles? Have you read “A Dispensational Theology” by Pastor Baker? I have yet to read anything on the website that says that none of the books of the Bible except Paul’s epistles are for us today. But I have discerned that there is a big idfference between Israel’s hope and calling and the hope and calling of the Body of Christ.

  3. phillip prater

    I have a debate going between me and a friend that
    is in the ministry right now. He believes that Ephesians 5 is telling
    him that our priorities should be God first then our wives and then
    our children; This I agree with him absolutely BUT the way he is
    interpreting this is that God being first means that any CHURCH
    activity, mission trip, fundraiser, or basically any need that is
    needed by someone in the church comes before his wife and his
    children. I say WRONG! The way that I interpret this part of
    Ephesians and our priorities as Christians is this God First in our
    heart, then wife in our heart, then kids in our heart, and then church
    ministry. For if one does not have a solid home relationship how can
    one serve others? I’m having a little difficulty explaining my
    position via the scriptures, could you help? Well, first of all do
    you think I’m right in my interpretation?

    Let me know if you could!

  4. David Stone

    Hey Bro. Bob, Just a quick note to say “Thanks” for ministry, it is a great blessing. Although I benefit from from it every week I have failed to express my appreciation as I should. I need this reminder to “lighten-up” and your site is a great help. God bless. Keep up the good work!

  5. David Sorenson

    Hey, Bob. I don’t think I have had contact with you since the old 4th B days at Central LONG ago. Your cousin, Margo, was my wife’s best friend (Pam-Moder-Sorenson). Anyway, where are you at and what are you doing these days. We have been in Duluth, MN for the past 24 years. I jst subscribed to your net and it looks to be interesting.

    Duluth, MN

  6. Bruce R.

    Dr. Bob,

    Enjoying your posts on aging. Not quite your age yet, but getting there. Was told sometime ago that a good way to tell that you are getting older is when people buy you birthday gifts that you can use right away.

  7. Bomac

    Greetings Dr. Bob!

    I’m registered on the Baptist Boards but show to be blocked from posting anything at all. I’m registered as bomac17. I registered back in March but still get the same message as before. Please help.
    I enjoy your articles very much.


  8. Nita B

    i haven’t been receiving any emails from you I was subscribed in 2013 and in the last few months i received nothing Can i subscribe again I miss your witty emails what a blessing they were

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