07/08/21 Grif.Net – Heritage

07/08/21 Grif.Net – Heritage

Retiring to =
Wisconsin has caused me to reflect on the heritage of the state. Great =
inventions, discoveries, people, and  places focus the =
nation’s eye on greatness of this state (in addition to the =
obvious birthplace of the greatest football dynasty in =


Here are a few =
things about Wisconsin everyone needs to =


n innovations (gasoline tractor, steam-powered vehicle, =


**Labor saving =
appliances (clothes dryer, blender, typewriter)


**Family fun =
(ice cream sundae, Ringling Brothers Circus, snowmobile, =


**Political =
advances (Republican Party, social security, rat =


**Food =
(vitamin D milk, silos for year-round milk/cheese production, malted =
milk, deep-fried cheese curds)


**Advancements =
for society (bone marrow transplant, commercial hydroelectric power, =
kindergarten – a few blocks from my new home, workman’s =


/culture (architecture, electric guitar, home of Barbie doll, birthplace =
of Laura Ingalls Wilder)


**Everyday =
needs (jockey shorts, National Weather Service, and most important – =
toilet paper)


Wondering what =
things YOUR state or region are famous for?? Share a few and boast about =
that special place in YOUR life.



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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Knows Me, This I Love!"