06/29/21 Grif.Net – Coin Collecting (part 8)

06/29/21 Grif.Net – Coin Collecting (part 8)

My friend was working overtime at the Denver Mint every =


Forced into too many hours on the job, the staff =
members were threatening a strike.


Oddly enough, they were striking because they wanted to =
make less money.




1.  Where =
did Hawaiian Pizza originate?   



2. Is there =
really a “Famous Amos”?

(Yes, Famous =
talent agent Wally Amos also signed Simon & Garfunkel, Diana Ross, =
Marvin Gaye)


3. What is =
coriander also known as? 

(as cilantro =
leaves, unless one just uses the coriander =


4. What is a =
single strand of spaghetti called? 

(A =


5. Where is =
German Chocolate cake from?

(Texas. Sam =
German developed the famous chocolate processing =


6.  =
Cashews are not nuts, but seeds.  But of what fruit is the cashew a =

(Cashew =


7. Is =
“white chocolate” actually “chocolate”?  =

(No. =
It’s just a mixture =
of sugar, milk, vanilla, lecithin, and cocoa butter)


8. What is the biggest cause of tooth decay?  =

(Not sugar, but acid. A soda cracker will stick to your =
teeth, a breeding ground for bacteria and far worse than =


9. Where did American cheese originate? 

(Switzerland. Waltz Gerber and Fritz Stettler processed =
cheese in 1911 to lengthen the shelf-life before it was shipped overseas =
to America)


10. Is honey really “bee poop”?

(No. Bees drink nectar and keep in their stomach. At the =
hive, they vomit the nectar to form honey, so it is really beer =


11. Is there cream in the “cream filling” of a =

(It has NO cream but is sweetened whipped vegetable =


12, Where did French Fries come from? 

(They were first made in Belgium and used the =
“French cut”, hence the shortened French-cut style =


13. So then did Belgian Waffles come from France? =

(No. They were from the capital of Belgium and called =
Brussels’ Waffles, but no one knew where Brussels was, so the name =
was changed.  Aside: no one cared that Brussel’s sprouts came =
from Italy)


14. How does South African popcorn differ from American =

(No “corn” in it, but roasted termites and =


15. Which has fewer insect fragments by USDA standards =
– Chocolate or Peanut Butter? 

(Peanut butter can have no more than 30 insects per 100 =
grams; chocolate may have 60.  BTW, 100 grams is about 6 =
tablespoons, so 1 tablespoon of chocolate can have 10 insect parts and =
pass USDA quality control)


16. Until 2010 when kale became an “in” food, =
what company was the largest purchaser of kale in the world?  =

(Pizza Hut, to use as garnish on salad bar, of course =
never meant for human consumption)


17. Chile is a country, but not the country that is the =
largest producer, consumer and exporter of chiles.  Which is?  =



18. What city has the most Chinese restaurants?  =

(London, more than Mumbai and Delhi combined)


19. What meal is the most important of the day?  =

(Late lunch or early dinner (3-4 pm), but NOT =
breakfast.  General Foods marketed “Experts agree that =
breakfast in the most important meal of the day” in 1944 as an =
unproven ad campaign to sell Grape Nuts cereal. With millions of men in =
the military, breakfast in many homes no longer centered on eggs, meat =
and potatoes.  So selling a product falsely named – no grapes =
and no nuts – seemed right to have false advertising!


20. In what city were fortune cookies created?  =

(San Francisco, in 1901)



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