06/28/21 Grif.Net – Monday Quiz: What’s in a Name?

06/28/21 Grif.Net – Monday Quiz: What’s in a Name?

[Here is your =
chance to answer odd-ball assortment of questions that have little rhyme =
or reason.  Please just post 1 answer publicly to allow others the =
fun of guessing.  As always, Google knows.  We know =
that.  We want to know if YOU know it without artificial =


1.  Where =
did Hawaiian Pizza originate?


2. Is there =
really a “Famous Amos”?


3. What is =
coriander leaf (not seed) also known as?


4. What is a =
single strand of spaghetti called?


5. Where is =
German Chocolate cake from? 


6.  =
Cashews are not nuts, but seeds.  But of what fruit is the cashew a =


7. Is =
“white chocolate” actually “chocolate”?


8. What is the biggest cause of tooth decay?


9. Where did American cheese originate? 


10. Is honey really “bee poop”?


11. Is there cream in the “cream filling” of a =


12, Where did French Fries come from? 


13. So then did Belgian Waffles come from France? =


14. How does South African popcorn differ from American =


15. Which has fewer insect fragments by USDA standards =
– Chocolate or Peanut Butter? 


16. Until 2010 when kale became an “in” food, =
what company was the largest purchaser of kale in the world? =


17. Chile is a country, but not the country that is the =
largest producer, consumer and exporter of chiles.  Which =


18. What city has the most Chinese =


19. What meal is the most important of the =


20. In what city were fortune cookies created?  =



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