06/03/21 Grif.Net – Oh, Canada

06/03/21 Grif.Net – Oh, Canada

[Odd trivia related our neighbors in the Great White =
North.  Answers tomorrow]


1. What two things was Canadian Miles Gilbert Horton =
famous for?


2. Dudley Do-Right is the most famous Royal Canadian =
Mountain Police cartoon figure.  Do you remember the name of his =


3. With 10 native species of maple trees and a giant =
maple leaf on the flag, what percentage of the world’s maple syrup =
comes from Canada?


4. In the Nunavut and other far-reaching northern =
regions are found ancient anthropoid stacked-rock figures called =


5. While the state of Minnesota claims 10,000 lakes, the =
province of Ontario alone contains how many lakes? =


6. What is the most easterly point in North America and =
what province is it in?


7. Polar Bears are the largest and most powerful =
carnivores on land, with an estimated _____% found in Canada, but the =
__________ is still the country’ national =


8. Despite its name, Hawaiian pizza (pineapple and =
Canadian bacon or ham) was created in what province? =


9. What is the largest walled city in =


10. Canada ranks ______ in the world in oil =



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