05/28/21 Grif.Net – Admitting More Facts

05/28/21 Grif.Net – Admitting More Facts

long as I told you yesterday (I think) about what could be overheard at =
my house, I might as well add that I’m old, but proudly admit =
these facts]


I =
think writing my name in cursive is my signature move.


I =
lost my wife’s audiobook, and now I’ll never hear the end of =


I =
told my contractor I didn’t want carpeted steps and he just gave =
me a blank stare.


I =
lost my job as a stage designer, but left without making a =


I =
once worked at a cheap pizza shop to get by. I kneaded the =


I =
know that prison is just one word to me, but for most readers of this =
blog it’s a whole sentence.


8217;m trying to organize a hide and seek tournament, but good players =
are really hard to find.


I =
got over my addiction to chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts. I =
won’t lie; it was a rocky road.


Just so everyone’s clear, right now I’m putting my =
glasses on.



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Knows Me, This I Love!"