05/18/21 Grif.Net – Best Answers from Grandpa

05/18/21 Grif.Net – Best Answers from Grandpa

[Since =
retiring, I get more time to share my insights and wisdom with the =
grandkids.  Pray for them.]


Grandpa, how =
many push-ups can you do?

Bob: If =
they’re the orange flavor, I can do at least 7 in one =


Grandpa, does =
everyone get grouchier as they get older?

Bob: At our =
age, we’ve stopped being polite and now are finally being =


Grandpa, do =
you have any modern technology at your new =

Bob: If you =
count the birdhouse in the back yard, I do have a twitter =


Grandpa, I =
know people go to the bathroom, but do trees =

Bob: Of =
course.  That’s how we get #2 =


Grandpa, were =
you a good student in school?

Bob: I could =
have been Valedictorian of my class.  The only thing holding me =
back was my grades.


Grandpa, what =
brand of fried chicken to you like best?

Bob: I guess =
it’s KFC. I used to like Popeye’s best, but found it was =
fried in Olive Oyl.


Grandpa, why =
did you retire in Wisconsin instead of somewhere =

Bob: I like =
cooler weather. I wanted to retire in Argentina where it is always cool, =
even bordering on Chile.


Grandpa, do =
you have trouble sleeping at night?

Bob: No, =
it’s so easy I can do it with my eyes =



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