05/07/21 Grif.Net – Death by a Fork

05/07/21 Grif.Net – Death by a Fork

e there was a small town in which lived Epydidumus Roderigo III (for =
simplicity everyone just called him Ep). If there was one thing old Ep =
was known for it was his collection of antique serving forks that was =
passed down through his family for generations.  The oldest fork =
was so  and was so ancient and weathered that only one tine =
remained on it.


local preacher in that town, who had been nicknamed “Hymn” =
for his love of church music, raised chickens to help enhance his meager =
pastoral salary.  His best-laying hen was tiny (she was called =
“Elf”) but very prolific.

One morning, Elf was found =
dead, killed with Ep’s antique fork stabbed into her chest.  =
In a rage, Pastor Hymn called the local detective to arrest Ep. The =
detective showed up on scene, analyzed the evidence and declared =
“Ep has been framed.”

“How can you tell?” =
sputtered Hymn. The detective was appalled.

“You =
don’t know? At this point I thought it was common knowledge that =
Ep’s tine didn’t kill Hymn’s Elf.”



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