04/29/21 Grif.Net – Wayne & Mary Are Still Married

04/29/21 Grif.Net – Wayne & Mary Are Still Married

ne: (offering Mary a Tic-Tac) “Did you hear about the guy who =
invented these things?"

y: "No. What about him?"

ne: "Well, they say he made a mint."



y: (browsing through the posts on Facebook) "Hey Hon, it says here =
that people eat more bananas than monkeys."

ne: "Well, that’s not surprising, I can’t remember the last time I =
ate a monkey."



I was changing =
the hall light switch this morning. When Mary came by, all kinds of =
wires were sticking out of the wall.

"Are you =
sure you know what you’re doing?" she asked. "Don’t you think =
we should call an electrician?"

I was an electrician in the Air Force!" I challenged. "I =
should know how to change out a switch!"


Finally, I got =
most of the wires screwed back onto something and shoved the whole mess =
back into the wall.

Guess I showed =
her. Will she ever be shocked!



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