04/20/21 Grif.Net – Church Typos (part 5)

04/20/21 Grif.Net – Church Typos (part 5)

[Here is =
another batch of innocent announcements that just can be taken the wrong =


“Please =
welcome Steve, our new elder, who is a caring individual and loves =
hurting people.”


“During =
the pastor’s illness, Wednesday night healing services will be =
discontinued until further notice.”


“Church =
bulletins are now online.  If you do not have a computer, e-mail =
the church office and ask for it to be forwarded to =


“Choir =
practice each Thursday.  Please come; they need all the help they =
can get.”


“We need =
more volunteers to help with the monthly potlucks due to the large =
members attending.”


“Please =
sign up to attend the Prayer and Fasting Conference.  The cost of =
attending includes all meals.”


“After =
we celebrate Easter, the ladies of the church will =
be     in the foyer with hot buns and other treats =
of the season.”


“Church =
members are asked not to pass out until the minister finishes the =



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