04/14/21 Grif.Net – Political Wisdom

04/14/21 Grif.Net – Political Wisdom

[Gleaned from =
many sources, here are some random ideas from the political wise =


**It has been =
said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those =
other forms that have been tried.


**I belong to =
no organized political party. I’m a =


**I =
don’t approve of political jokes. I’ve seen too many of them =
get elected.


**War does not =
determine who is right, only who is left.


**Why do =
Americans choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for =
Miss America?


**A politician =
who says he has a clear conscience is usually admitting to a bad =


**Honesty may =
be the best policy, but it’s important to remember that =
apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best =


**You can =
always count on governments to do the right thing –  but only =
after they’ve tried everything else first.



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