04/05/21 Grif.Net – Little Known Bible Stories

04/05/21 Grif.Net – Little Known Bible Stories

As a young =
seminarian, I was gaining experience by teaching children in the =
church.  I asked the youngsters about their favorite Bible stories. =


**One said she =
liked where Jesus preached while riding a horse. I had to admit I =
didn’t recall that event, so asked her to tell me the story. She =
said her family was memorizing the beatitudes and that Jesus had spoken =
these blessings when He gave His sermon on the =


**A lad said =
he liked the story about the boy who loafs and =


**A girl said =
she’d learned about Smokey the Bear in kindergarten but wanted the =
Bible story about Gladly the cross-eyed bear she’d heard about in =
a hymn.


**Another =
wondered what Joshua had said to make his son to stand still and actually obey =

**Finally one asked a serious =
question about God and birthdays.  I asked how old he was and he =
replied he was “6”.  I asked everyone how old they =
thought GOD was.  Every hand went up and together they shouted, =
“1”.   Evidently on a previous Sunday the lesson =
was taught that  "the Lord thy God is One."  =


Think I have some good sermon topics for the month . . . =


Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"