04/01/21 Grif.Net – The Wurst of Puns

04/01/21 Grif.Net – The Wurst of Puns

[On the first =
weekday of each month we try to lighten the mood with high-quality =
humor.  We usually fail.  April is no =


During the =
lockdown I started growing toadstools in my basement to earn extra =
money. I am really thankful that business is =


I also wrote a =
book but it may not sell. The first review is in: “This is not a =
book to be tossed aside lightly.”  Then it added, “It =
should be thrown with great force.”


Maybe =
I’ll make money if I just sell my Hoover.  After all, =
it’s just collecting dust around the =


To make money, =
our city allows ads on buses and benches. Now they want to sell space on =
fire hydrants.  I have to admit it’s a great way to plug your =



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