03/22/21 Grif.Net – Hobbies from the Lockdown

03/22/21 Grif.Net – Hobbies from the Lockdown

[In our area, =
everyone has developed new hobbies over the past 12 month government =


*The cat is =
now collecting hairballs in my slippers


*Our aunt =
sleeps 10 hours straight and is absolutely loaded for another day of =
hand-washing and looking out the window.


*Grandma says =
she doesn’t need a hobby, but we found 18 empty Pringle’s =
cans in her shower


*A co-worker =
on zoom is eating a bag of skittles while waiting for her Haagen-Dazs to =
thaw and calls it ‘multi-tasking’


*The dryer is =
still collecting socks, so nothing changed there


*The dieter is =
wearing masks inside the house to stop snacking


*A friend just =
finished a year home-schooling and found out that the teacher =
wasn’t the problem


*The doctor is =
keeping surgical skills sharp by fly-tying in preparation for opening =
of  trout season


*The four-year =
old has learned to eat bananas like corn on the =


*Our neighbor =
started a jar for swearing in 2020.  This might be a cause of the =
national coin shortage.


*My grandson =
took up ventriloquism and is really good; I can’t even see his =
lips moving


*Of course, I =
continue amassing the lamest jokes on the ‘net and only posting =
them on weekdays that end in “y”


(And if =
I’d known LAST March would be my last time to eat in a restaurant, =
I’d have ordered dessert)



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