03/03/21 Grif.Net – Speaking of Frogs

03/03/21 Grif.Net – Speaking of Frogs

A =
frog went to a fortune teller to find out if he would ever be lucky in =
love.  The fortune teller read his palm and told the frog, "I =
have good news and I have bad news. Which would you like to hear =


frog asked for the good news first.


fortune teller related, "You are going to meet the most beautiful =
girl, who is going to be very interested in you and will want to know =
all about you. She will want you to open up for her and you will give =
her your heart."


ot;That’s great!" said the frog. "But what’s the bad =


ot;Well, you’re going to meet her in Biology class."



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