02/24/21 Grif.Net – Fear of Flying

02/24/21 Grif.Net – Fear of Flying

n lived his life by statistics and was afraid to fly. One day his =
friend, Bill, asked, "Why do you have this irrational fear of =


ot;Irrational?" John replied, "Not at all.  I’ve merely =
calculated the odds of a bomb being placed on a plane and it’s much too =
high for my comfort."


A =
few days later, Bill boarded a flight only to find John sitting in the =
seat right next to him.  "What happened? Have the odds =


ot;No," John replied. "The odds of a bomb being on a plane =
haven’t changed.  But I calculated the odds of TWO bombs being on a =
plane, and I found those odds were astronomical.

So now I just =
bring my own."



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