01/14/21 Grif.Net – Snow Laughing Matter (part 9)

01/14/21 Grif.Net – Snow Laughing Matter (part 9)

Q: What =
happens when winter arrives?

A: Autumn =


Q: What do =
snowmen say when they take pictures?

A: =


Q: Why did the =
farmer only wear one boot to town?

A: Weatherman =
said there would be a 50% chance of snow


Q: Why do =
Arctic bears and Antarctic penguins not get along? =

A: They are =
polar opposites


Q: How do you =
know if there’s a snowman in your freezer?

A: He’s =
still there


Q: Did you =
know that a cyclops’s favorite winter sport is =

A: It’s like =
skiing, but with one “i”


Q: If the sun =
shines while it’s snowing, what should you look =

A: =


Q: What did =
one snowman say to the other?

A: Do you =
smell carrots?


Q: Why was it =
terrible for Humpty Dumpty to have a bad winter?

A: It’s a =
shame because he had such a great fall


Q: What sort =
of cakes do Snowmen like best?

A: Any kind =
with thick icing. 


Q: What =
happened when an icicle landed on the snowman’s head? =

A: It knocked =
him out cold


Q: How did the =
snow globe feel after listening to a scary story? =

A: A bit =
shaken up



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