01/12/21 Grif.Net – Status Updates

01/12/21 Grif.Net – Status Updates

Scott M asked, =
“This whole birthday thing is getting old, don’t you =


Kim E =
confessed, “I had the rudest, slowest, nastiest cashier today. =
Guess it’s my own fault for using the self-checkout =


Ken M reminds =
us, “If your grandma got run over by a reindeer this Christmas =
Season, you may be entitled to =


Wayne M taught =
us, “Nature abhors a vacuum. Nature isn’t too fond of leaf =
blowers either. And don’t even get Nature started on car =


Jon R. =
advertised, “Single man with TP, seeks single woman with hand =
sanitizer, for good clean fun.”


Don A =
wondered, “Did you hear that they’re not going to make =
12-inch rulers any longer?”


Craig R was =
sad. “The Governor said I could celebrate Christmas/New Years with =
8 people without any problem.  Sadly, I don’t know 8 people =
without any problems.”


Karen Y =
sighed, “The election results are all my fault.  I prayed =
that God would give us the leadership that we =


Hank W reminds =
us, “My kids laugh, because they think I’m crazy. I laugh =
because they don’t know it’s =


Dan N shared, =
“I had a happy childhood. My dad used to put me in tires and roll =
me down the hill.  Those were =


Ken H also =
reminded, “To everyone that received a book from me for Christmas, =
they’re due back at the library on =



Final Quiz on key events of the past decade


1. 2010 =
– An explosion and fire on the DEEPWATER HORIZON oil rig in the =
Gulf of Mexico sends millions of gallons of oil into the sea. =


2. 2011 =
– For the first time in its history the U.S. CREDIT RATING =
lowered, showing weakness and risk in the nation’s =


3. 2012 =
– Pentagon announced WOMEN will now be permanently assigned to =
infantry battalions.


4. 2013 =
– Multiple homemade bombs explode near the finish line of the =
BOSTON MARATHON, spraying shrapnel that injures 170 and kills =


5. 2014 =
– Declaring itself a caliphate, the ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ AND =
SYRIA known as ISIS emerged from the Middle Eastern combat zones as the =
newest enemy to be opposed for its brutality and =


6. 2015 =
– Europe hardly looked capable of handling its own problems as it =
emerged from a deep economic recession, but was inundated by a wave of =
political and economic REFUGEES.


7. 2016 =
– 53% of Britons voted to leave the European Union, a movement =
dubbed “BREXIT”.


8. 2017 =
– Running on a platform of “America First”, the =
populist 45th President DONALD TRUMP upset all polls and =
wishful-thinking of the Leftist media.


9. 2018 =
– A bipartisan congressional vote passed CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM, =
acknowledging that “in some cases rehabilitation and training are =
preferable to long-term human =


10. 2019 =
– A Paris fire started in a construction area of the iconic NOTRE =
DAME CATHEDRAL and quickly spread throughout the =



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