12/26/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Report on a Special Christmas Present

12/26/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Report on a Special Christmas Present

Paul received =
a BMW-7 Class automobile from his brother the stock broker as an =
early  Christmas present last Weekend. On Christmas Eve when Paul =
came left his office, a young boy was walking around the shiny new car, =
admiring it.


"Is this =
your car, Mister?" he asked.


Paul nodded. =
"My brother gave it to me for Christmas." The boy was =


"You mean =
your brother just gave it to you and it didn’t cost you nothing? Boy, I =
wish . . ."


He hesitated. =
Of course Paul knew what he was going to wish for. He was going to wish =
HE had a brother like that. But what the lad said jarred Paul all the =
way down to his heels.


"I =
wish," the boy went on, "that I could BE a brother like =


Paul looked at =
the boy in astonishment, then impulsively he added, "It’s =
almost dark. Would you me to drive you home in my new =


"Oh yes =
sir, I’d love that."


After a short =
ride, the boy turned and with his eyes aglow, said, "Mister, could =
you drive right up to the front of my house?" Paul smiled a little. =
He thought he knew what the lad wanted. He wanted to show his neighbors =
that he could ride home in a big automobile.


Paul was wrong =


"Will you =
stop and wait right where those two steps are?" the boy asked, and =
ran up the steps.


In a minute =
Paul heard him coming back, but he was not coming fast. He was carrying =
his little crippled brother. He sat him down on the bottom step, then =
sort of squeezed up against him and pointed to the car. =


"There =
she is, Buddy, just like I told you upstairs. His brother gave it to him =
for Christmas and it didn’t cost him a cent.  And some day I’m =
gonna give you one just like it . . . then you can see for yourself all =
the pretty lights on the houses around town that I’ve been trying to =
tell you about."


Paul got out =
and lifted the lad to the front seat of his car. The shining-eyed older =
brother climbed in beside him and the three of them began a memorable =
holiday ride.


As Christmas =
passed that year, Paul learned what Jesus meant when he said "It is =
more blessed to give than to receive."  =


Look at what =
you have received just this year, and take inventory of what you can =
give to help others before 2020 is history.



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"