12/20/20 Special Grif.Net – Milestone in Ministry

12/20/20 Special Grif.Net – Milestone in Ministry

50 years seems =
like a long time, looking ahead.  Who can imagine what life will =
look like fifty years from now in 2070??  But looking back, it =
seems just the blink of an eye. 


I was led by =
God in the summer of 1963 to respond for service in the Gospel Ministry =
as my life’s vocation.  During my high school and college =
years, I was involved in working in many churches, honing skills and =
realizing the enormity of God’s calling for my life.  By the =
time I was in graduate school, I was “part-time” Assistant =
Pastor at Calvary Baptist in Jefferson, Wisconsin, teaching and =
preaching for Pastor Gale Schaeffer. Teresa and I had gotten married and =
I had finished my last course work (except defending my Thesis) and =
ready to embark on full time ministry.  But we were unsure where =
God was leading. 


A door opened =
for our first “full-time” pastoral position when we received =
a call after Thanksgiving 1970 from Bethany Baptist in Grand Blanc, =
Michigan. It was as an Associate Pastor to minister with Senior Pastor =
Bob Biddison, with our ministry focused on Youth (elementary-college) in =
a large suburban church.  We were so excited for this opportunity, =
and to move from our seminary training, secular work at the =
slaughterhouse to pay the bills, and part-time local church service into =
100% full-time ministry!  So we packed up our Watertown, Wisconsin, =
apartment in a small U-Haul trailer behind our Rambler, and headed =


December =
20th, 1970 – fifty years ago today – we stepped =
onto the platform of that church and were installed in our first =
full-time ministry!  Wow.  Few people are blessed to work for =
50 years in any vocation, but we feel truly blessed for God to have =
allowed us this privilege in the high calling of God.  God has =
granted us a wide variety of Gospel Ministry opportunities in these past =
five decades. Meeting and serving so many special people, preaching and =
teaching God’s Word.  We have sought to “make full =
proof of our ministry” (Second Timothy =


Some have =
asked what is ahead. We don’t know, but our plan now is to move =
“full circle” in April/May 2021 when we retire from =
full-time ministry to a home in Watertown, Wisconsin, about ten blocks =
from our first apartment there and two miles from campus of our alma =
mater.  It will be hard to leave our home and friends in Wyoming =
and memories here, but pray for God’s peace and guidance directing =
this move.


The Apostle =
Paul wrote to a pastor, “Take heed to the ministry which thou hast =
received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it.” (Colossians =
4:17).  And his testimony, “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, =
who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into =
the ministry.” (First Timothy 1:12)



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