12/19/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Ten Commandments of Christmas

12/19/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Ten Commandments of Christmas

[From a list =
in a church bulletin in 1912]


I. Thou shalt =
not leave "Christ" out of Christmas, making it =
"Xmas." ("X" =3D Greek letter ‘chi’ standing for =
‘Christ’ so it still means Christmas, but to most people today, the =
"X" is unknown).


II. Thou shalt =
prepare your soul for Christmas. Spend not so much on gifts that your =
soul is forgotten.


III. Thou =
shalt not let Santa Claus replace Christ, thus robbing the day of its =
spiritual reality.  Christmas IS a religious =


IV. Thou shalt =
not burden the sales clerks, the mailman, and the merchant with =
complaints and demands.


V. Thou shalt =
give ‘yourself’ along with your gift. This will increase its =
value a hundred fold, and he who receives it shall treasure it =


VI. Thou shalt =
not value gifts received by their cost. Even the least expensive may =
signify love, and that is more priceless than silver and =


VII. Thou =
shalt not neglect the needy. Share your blessings with many who will go =
hungry and cold unless you are generous.


VIII. Thou =
shalt not neglect your church. Its services highlight the true meaning =
of the season.


IX. Thou shalt =
be as a little child. Not until you have become in spirit as a little =
one are you ready to enter into the kingdom of =


X. Thou shalt =
give your heart to Christ. Let Him be at the top of your Christmas =


Anyone keeping =
these commandments is sure to have a Merry (and blessed) =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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Knows Me, This I Love!"