12/16/20 Grif.Net – Snow Laughing Matter (part 4)

12/16/20 Grif.Net – Snow Laughing Matter (part 4)

[Need to know =
more about the guy in the suit who gets credit for all the work =
you?  Here’s, Santa!]

Q: What do you call Santa’s =
little helpers?
A: Subordinate clauses


Q: What do =
Santa’s little helpers study at school?
A: The =


Q: What do you =
call Santa after he buys all the presents?
A: Saint =


Q: What does =
Santa use to scrub stains from his sink?

A: =


Q: Who is the =
king of Santa’s rock and roll helpers?
A: Elfis! (Thank you, thank =
you very much!)


Q: What do you =
get if Santa goes down the chimney when a fire is lit?
A: Krisp =


Q: How much =
did Santa pay for a sleigh full of toys?
A: Nothing. It was on the =


Q: What is the =
name of Mrs. Claus?
A: Mary Christmas


Q: Why don’t =
reindeer like picnics?
A: Because they all have =


Q: Why do =
Dasher and Dancer drink so much coffee on Christmas Eve?
A: They are =
Santa’s Star-bucks


Q: What event =
will Santa compete in at the next Olympics?

A: The North =
Pole vault


Q: What =
language does Santa speak?
A: North Polish


Q: What is =
Santa’s favorite laundry detergent?

A: Yule =



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