12/02/20 Grif.Net – Status Updates

12/02/20 Grif.Net – Status Updates

Friends make me smile with their interesting “updates” =
posted in social media]

John asked his phone, “Siri, why am =
I so bad with women?” She said, “I’m Alexa, you =


ue W. said, “I used to eat a lot of natural cereal until I read =
that most people die of natural causes.”


ayne I. related that his daughter had a
doctor’s appointment, but really didn’t want to go. So he suggested, =
"Why don’t you call in sick?"


Marilyn L. =
explained, “I complained about the blisters on my hands from using =
the broom. He suggested next time to take the car.  Wonder why =
there are bumps on his head?”


en H wondered why we always tell actors “break a leg” and =
then realized it had to do with the cast.


Hank W =
informed us, “Remember when AIR was FREE at the Service Station? =
Now it’s $1.50 and do you know why?  =


Mark I said, “My dad tripped on Kleenex box and =
thought he’d broken a toe. His doctor said it was just some tissue =


Andrew B shared, “I had a date last night and =
really enjoyed it.  Tonight I’m going to try a =


Missy R said, “I was worried about having brain =
surgery, but the doctor changed my mind.”


John L admits, “I won’t put up with =
intolerant people.”


Wayne M told me, The staff at =
the gym started referring to me as Mr. Universe, which was extremely =
flattering until the receptionist spilled the beans that ‘It’s =
because you’re constantly expanding’."



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