11/11/20 Grif.Net – Veteran’s Day Jokes

11/11/20 Grif.Net – Veteran’s Day Jokes

Q: How do you =
clear out the bingo game at the Veteran’s Center?
A: Yell, =


Q: Why do dogs =
avoid going to parades on November =

A: Too many =


Q: When a =
group of Vets put out a cover for an old Aretha Franklin song, what did =
they call it?

A: =


Q: Why did the =
soldier become a chef when he left the army?

A: Because by =
then he was a seasoned veteran


Q: What ever =
happened to your dad, the brave veteran you said ‘had the heart of =
a lion’?

A; Not much, =
except he’s now banned from every zoo in the =



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