11/09/20 Grif.Net – Status Update

11/09/20 Grif.Net – Status Update

Heather M =
remembered, “My mom told me to work hard until my savings account =
looked like a  phone number.  Well, I finally did it!  My =
current balance is 9.11”

Ken M admits, “Life is like =
a helicopter. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to operate a =


Marilyn L =
confides, “Gonna ask my mom if that offer to slap me into next =
year is still on the table.”


Paul P shares, =
“Whoever said ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ has never =
had a spider disappear in the bedroom.”


Marion S =
announced, “The brownies I started making in my Easy Bake Oven in =
1978 are finally done. Come on over if you want =


Christopher V =
wrote of his friend, “I hate those self-checkout stations at =
Walmart," he said as he got gas at the self-serve station, sipping =
soda bought from a vending machine using cash from an =


Scott M =
relates, “I am as swift as a gazelle. An old one. With arthritis. =
That was run over by a Land Rover 7 days ago.”

Vicki O =
said, “It’s weird being the same age as old =


Lloyd G said, =
“I just went to check my account balance and the ATM printed me =
out a coupon for ramen noodles.“


Beverly M =
laments, “This year went by so fast I didn’t get a chance to =
lose weight.”


Douglas D admits, “I am a man of simple tastes and =
am easily satisfied with the best.”


Simon H =
complained, “My wife is pretty bad at math until she starts =
explained how much money she saved at =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"