10/21/20 Grif.Net – Smuggling

10/21/20 Grif.Net – Smuggling

While crossing =
the US-Mexican border on a bicycle, a man was stopped by the guard who =
asked for his identification, then pointed to a large sack the man =
carried on the back of the bike.


"What’s =
in the bag?", asked the guard.

"Just =
sand," said the cyclist.

"We =
already have plenty of that in Arizona. Get it off the bike and we’ll =
take a look," said the guard.

The =
cyclist did as he was told, emptied the bag on the concrete, and proving =
it contained nothing but sand, reloaded the bag and continued across the =

A week =
later, the same thing happened. Again, the guard demanded to see the bag =
. . which again contained nothing but sand.


This went on =
every week for six months, until one day the cyclist with the sand bags =
failed to appear.

A few =
weeks later, the guard happened to see the cyclist in downtown Yuma. =
"Hola, friend, you sure had us going crazy", said the Border =
Patrol Agent.  "We knew you were smuggling something across =
the border but we could never figure it =


Then he asked, =
“I won’t say a word – but what is it you were =





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