10/20/20 Grif.Net – Horse Sense

10/20/20 Grif.Net – Horse Sense

A friend from =
California recently moved to Wyoming to live like a cowboy.  He =
bought two horses but couldn’t seem to tell them apart. Living out =
on the range, he called and asked what to do.


I suggested to =
cut one of their tails off. So he did. But then the other horse’s tail =
got caught in the gate and ripped off, so again he couldn’t tell them =

He called =
me for advice a second time, so I told him to notch one of the horses =
ears a bit. He did, but then the other horse got tangled in a barbed =
wire fence and tore its ear, too..

Even more confused, he called =
asking for some sure-fire way. I told him simply to measure =

When he came to Casper a month later, I asked if measuring =
the horses did the trick.  “Thank you, it sure did.  =
Found out the white horse is 2 inches taller than the black =


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