09/02/20 Grif.Net – Status Updates

09/02/20 Grif.Net – Status Updates

[My wide =
assortment of friends brings an even wider smile to my face as I read =
their “news”.]


Chuck S =
lamented, “I’d like to start dieting soon, but right now =
I’ve got too much on my plate.”


Bob E wonders, =
“Did you hear about the coin shortage? Seems America is out of =
common cents.”


John L warns, =
“My chiropractor is a crack dealer.”


Susan H =
warned, “Don’t get in the car with me if you’re gonna =
scream every time we almost wreck.”


Kirk P =
apologized, “If I’ve offended you with some of my posts, I =
humbly apologize.  I honestly did not think you could =


Monica J =
related, “I just want to update every one of the fact that =
absolutely nothing new is happening in my =


Larry L =
shared, “If you think swimming with dolphins is expensive, =
don’t try swimming with sharks. It cost me an arm and a =


Sharon C =
admitted, “My day goes so much better if I stay off both the TV =
NEWS and the bathroom SCALE.”


Scott M =
reminded, “Still time to admit you’re a thespian. Act =


Billy G asks, =
“Asking for a friend: To drive an electric car, does one need a =
current license?”


Robert M said, =
“Can you believe a neighbor came by at 3 AM and pounded on my =
door.  3 AM?!?  Lucky for him I was up then practicing my =



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