08/31/20 Grif.Net – Man of the House (bonus)

08/31/20 Grif.Net – Man of the House (bonus)

Mark, an avid fan, was dismayed that we =
didn’t include HIS favorite story in my selections on Man of the =
House jokes last week.  I was, of course, just trying to save him =
personal embarrassment. 


Anyway, Mark =
and his wife of many decades were in the bedroom, when she stood in =
front of a full length mirror.  After removing her outer clothes, =
she commented on how disgusted she was seeing what her youthful body had =
turned into. 


So she asked =
Mark, “Tell me something positive about my =


He put down his newspaper, looked up smiling and said, =
“Honey, your eyesight is 20/20.”



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