08/28/20 Grif.Net – Man of the House (part 5)

08/28/20 Grif.Net – Man of the House (part 5)

As a meeting =
on marital advice with 50 married couples  progressed, the speaker =
asked for a show of hands on who was the “head of the =
house”.  All the couples looked at each other, giggled, =
hemmed and hawed, and not a hand was raised.


So he said he =
would make it easy and dismissed the wives for a break. He then asked, =
“All of the men who are the head of the house stand on the right =
side of the room.  All those who admit they are NOT the head of the =
house go stand on the left side.”


After a moment =
shuffling about, 49 men were on the left side and only one small, =
unassuming man was on the right side.  The speaker came to him with =
his microphone and asked why he felt he should be the only man standing =
in the “head of the house” side.


221; the man replied, “it’s very simple.  My wife told =
me to stand here.”



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