08/25/20 Grif.Net – Man of the House (part 2)

08/25/20 Grif.Net – Man of the House (part 2)

A man was =
married to a woman whose commands to her husband were as sharp as the =
bite of a barracuda. It wasn’t so much that he was a coward, or =
too timid to talk back, but you know how it is.  His whole purpose =
was to simply keep peace in the family.


One day the =
wife invited a group from the local women’s club to her house for =
tea and discussions. To make sure that her husband did not interrupt the =
goings-on, she ordered him into the closet and sternly told him to stay =
there until the last lady had left.


Later, during =
the visit, the ladies of the club spoke of the authority they wielded =
over respective husbands. Not to be outdone, the hostess informed the =
others that not only had she ordered her husband into the closet, but =
she could order him to come out, at will.


ll prove it,” she boasted. “Bob!” she commanded, =
“come out of that closet!” No response. =


21; she called in a louder voice, “come out of that closet this =
instant!” Nothing.


21; she screamed at the top of her lungs, “I order you to get out =
of that closet NOW!”


“No, I =
won’t!” came her husband’s muffled cry from inside the =
closet. “I’ll show you who’s boss in this =


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