08/24/20 Grif.Net – Man of the House (part 1)

08/24/20 Grif.Net – Man of the House (part 1)

Grandkids =
always know that G’ma is the one to go to for just about =
anything.  Grandpa? Not so much.  I give ‘em an =
occasional “attaboy” and some Cheetos, and I’m their =


So when a =
10-year old boy asked me if G’ma and I ever fight or yell or =
argue, I admitted proudly, “Yes, we do.  But we love each =
other and always forgive no matter what.  And at the end of every =
fuss or conflict, SHE is the one who ends up on her =


He smiled, and =
skipped away (with some Cheetos), thinking he understood about being a =
man form that story.


I may have =
failed to add a salient fact.  We all know she ends up on her knees =
because she’s looking under the bed, and yelling at me, =
‘Come out, you coward, and fight like a =


Maybe =
I’ll mention the rest of the story to the kid. Someday.  =



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