08/22/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Lions Roar

08/22/20 Weekend Grif.Net – Lions Roar

It was said that distinguished American preacher, Samuel Davies, then =
the President of the College of New Jersey (later renamed as Princeton =
University), when on a visit to England on behalf of the College, was =
invited to preach before King George III.


The youthful queen was sitting by his side; and so enchanted were =
they by the preacher’s eloquence, that the king expressed his admiration =
in no measured terms, and so audibly and rudely as to draw the attention =
of the audience, and interrupt the service.


The preacher made a sudden and solemn pause in his discourse, looked =
around upon the audience, and fixing his piercing eye upon England’s =
noisy monarch, and said, ‘When the lion roars, the beasts of the forest =
tremble. When Jehovah speaks, let the kings of the earth keep silence =
before Him.’


He was God’s messenger; he feared not man, who is but a =
worm. May the truth be proclaimed from pulpits this week despite =
the attempts of the world or modern monarchs to silence =



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