08/12/20 Grif.Net – Simple Questions

08/12/20 Grif.Net – Simple Questions

[Folks always =
wonder about me, so here are some tell-all answers to questions my blog =
fans asked]


Question: When =
you were in college, what book helped you the most? =

Bob: My =
parent’s checkbook.


Question: Who =
is the richest many in China?

Bob: =
I’ve heard his name was Cha Ching.


Question: If =
you have five bottles in one hand and six bottles in the other, what do =
you have?

Bob: A =
drinking problem.


Question: What =
do you like best about Switzerland?

Bob: I’m =
not sure, but their flag is certainly a big =


Question: Is =
Google ‘male’ or =

Bob: Female, =
because it doesn’t let you end a sentence without making a =


Question: Why =
do you have a problem with obesity?

Bob: It runs =
in my family.  I don’t.


Question: What =
was the most vulgar character in all the Star Wars =

Bob: R2D2, =
since they had to beep out every word he said.


Question: Do =
you really boast about having the body of a Greek =

Bob: Perhaps. =
I just don’t remember if Buddha was Greek or =


Question: Have =
you ever used alcohol or drugs or been addicted to =

Bob: I was =
addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but I turned myself =


Question: Did =
you suffer a head injury when your grandson threw a can of coke at =

Bob: No.  =
I was just lucky it was only a soft drink.



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