08/08/20 Weekend Grif.Net – My Pretty Pony

08/08/20 Weekend Grif.Net – My Pretty Pony

is is a reprint of a true story of my wife’s ministry here in =


My =
wife doctors many missionaries and we send packages of natural health =
products anywhere in the world they are needed. One couple had struggles =
in a foreign land because of health issues, and Teresa worked with the =
wife and the family was able to return and have had years of fruitful =


In =
every box we send to them, Teresa includes little “nothings” =
from garage sales or outgrown by our kids/grandkids or the Dollar Store =
(in our city we have one on almost every corner; in their place of =
ministry, such would be unknown). So rubber balls, jacks, Frisbees, =
stickers, coloring books, toys, hot wheels, marbles, etc make those =
children so far from the US and the comforts we take for granted look =
with excitement at the box from our clinic.


We =
got this note today from the mission field telling about opening the =
last box we sent and I’ll paraphrase it . . .


220;The older boys loved their kites, and our little daughter looked =
into the box to see what was for her. Now, she loves little ponies. In =
fact she was generous when we came back from our furlough in the US, and =
gave her two best friends each one of her three little =


was happy to do it until she realized her pony was now alone, and no =
longer had any other pony here at our house. Then she began to =
cry.  I assured her she did a good thing at the time, and that God =
was watching over those little ponies.


n we opened your package and there was a little pretty pony that you had =
sent!  We could hardly believe our eyes and I assured her that God =
saw her generosity and blessed her for it. And I wanted to thank you for =
being an instrument of God in making our little girl’s =


etimes a cup of cold water looks an awful lot like a little pretty =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus =
Knows Me, This I Love!"