08/07/20 Grif.Net – I’m just Mailing In my Jokes Today

08/07/20 Grif.Net – I’m just Mailing In my Jokes Today

[Seriously, =
ordered a medical device from Miami on July 7th. Postal =
tracking showed it shipped July 10th and subsequent tracking =
over the weeks showed this 4”x8” box in New Jersey, Los =
Angeles, four different days in Denver and three times in Casper.  =
Finally delivered August 5th after 29 days.  3-day =
priority delivery. Got me thinking I’d better laugh about it . . . =

**Being a letter carrier is a mail-dominated =


**Some mail =
men are called ‘letter carriers’.  On Facebook I =
noticed my carrier calls himself a ‘high priced mail =


**A carrier =
said it was so hot in his truck that two hobbits showed up and asked him =
where to throw the ring.


**If you have =
problems in your personal life, become a postal worker.  No =
personal life, so no problems.


**Told the =
postal clerk at the window that I thought 55 cents for a letter seemed =
fair.  5 cents for postage, 50 cents for storage =


**My carrier =
knows I write the blog and love humor.  She asked if I =
heard the one about the unstamped letter.  Then she added, =
‘Never mind. You wouldn’t get =


**Of course, I =
know what makes telling a good postal joke.  It’s all in the =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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Knows Me, This I Love!"