07/17/20 Grif.Net – Gender Reveal

07/17/20 Grif.Net – Gender Reveal

In 1973 we =
were anxiously awaiting the birth of our first child, now 13 days past =
due.  For all this time people had wondered where we were having a =
boy or a girl.  [Note: For those too young to understand how it was =
in the “Dark Ages”, there was no way of telling the sex of =
the baby until the big reveal day – when the baby was born.] =


A grandmother =
in the church was reputed to be able to tell the baby’s sex before =
birth just from the way the mother carried the baby and how the baby =
acted in utero.  She looked at Teresa and then asked only one =
question. “Is the baby very active pushing and kicking and moving =
with its head or with its butt?”

Teresa said the baby WAS =
active, but she couldn’t tell its head from its bottom.

The =
wise old woman said, “Well, obviously then, it’s a =


She was =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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Knows Me, This I Love!"