07/16/20 Grif.Net – MORE Reality Updates

07/16/20 Grif.Net – MORE Reality Updates

[A little more =
reason to smile in dark times of Covid and =


Danielle S =
complained, “You said everything would be back to normal by =
June.  Julyed.”


Ken H related, “I’m deeply how =
many seem to see washing their hands as a new thing.”


JR admitted, “After 3 months without sports I =
noticed a lady sitting on the couch.  Evidently she’s my =
wife.  She seems nice.”


Debbie C decided, “I need to socially-distance from =
my fridge so I can flatten the curve.”


Andy P asked, =
“It took CLICK IT OR TICKET to get people to wear seat =
belts.  I wonder if MASK IT OR CASKET might also =


Nick C said, =
“Congratulations to the Astronauts who left earth for the Space =
Station.  Good choice.”


Wayne M =
punned, “Finding a vaccine for the Corona Virus will be like Paul =
finding Jesus on the road to de-mask us.”


Kadin D =
quipped, “Costco =
priced an 82 inch Samsung TV for $1,200 on the day the stimulus checks =
arrived. What an amazing coincidence.”


Rachel B explained, “In craft terms, Corona virus =
spreads like this: You and 9 friends are making cards. One person is =
using glitter. How many cards have glitter?”


Grace C said, “6 feet apart is better than 6 feet =


Larry L wondered, “If the government does start =
putting chips inside of people, I’m asking for Lay’s Salt =
and Vinegar.”



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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Knows Me, This I Love!"