07/09/20 Grif.Net – Status Updates

07/09/20 Grif.Net – Status Updates

emiah G admitted, “Almost split the church over a typo today. Who =
would’ve thought announcing Vaccination Bible School would be so =


an H called the hot line: “I put vegetables in my new pressure pot =
and pushed ‘cake’ and when it was done, it was still =
vegetables – what did I do wrong?”


e L said he was volunteering to vacation on Uranus. “The summer =
there is 21 years long and that sounds about right to =


an K shared this recipe. “Followed direction on mix for 8 =
pancakes. Batter too thick, added water. Batter too runny, added more =
mix.  No batter too thick add water.  Results =3D 120 =


John K lamented, “I heard Calvinists celebrated the =
Fourth of July a day early because they believe in =


Klinton R =
related, “With no baseball games, I’m watching birds in my =
yard fighting over the worms. So far it is Cardinals 3 to 1 over the =
Blue Jays.”


Brandi G =
sighed, “It turns out when you’re asked which is your =
favorite child, you’re expected to pick from your own. I know that =


Ken H =
wondered, “Is a case of water cheaper if you buy it at a =
liquidation sale?”


Lori R =
overheard her six-year old saying “Daddy, I want =
Mommy.”  That is the kid version of “I’d like to =
speak to your Supervisor”.


Michelle B =
complained, “This is getting ridiculous. It is July 8th =
and people are still shooting fireworks. One almost caught our Christmas =
decorations on fire.”



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